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4ALLTECH Propane Weed Burner, Electric Pulse Ignition, 10FT Hose and Stand, CSA Certified, Suitable for Weed Control, Snow and Ice Removal, Camp Fire Starting

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Product Description

Propane Torch Weed BurnPropane Torch Weed Burn

electronic igniton 100% rateelectronic igniton 100% rate







Professional High-Pressure Rubber Gas Pipe

PVC Outer Layer:


Twisted Middle Layer:

Further reinforcement of air pipe for explosion-proof

Rubber Inner Layer:

Compression,aging&corrosion resistance

Single Hand Operation and Easy to Control

Ergonomically designed with anti-slip grip and all control devices located on the handle. You can easily access to all control operations within a single hand reach. Safe and convenient to use!

The Strong Flame Weed Torches!

This high output weed burner provide a super strong jet turbo flame as long as 12-20 inches.



320K BTU Powerful Flame: This propane weed burner can output a high-temperature flame up to 320K BTU, which is certified by CSA. It can easily burn weeds, melt snow and ice, start campfires and more. The flame can be adjusted by the gas valve knob to suit different needs.
Heavy Duty and Easy to Use: This propane weed burner is made of stainless steel and solid brass for reliability and durability. It has an ergonomic handle with anti-slip rubber for easy and comfortable grip. The trigger is located at the handle for one-hand operation. It also has a safety lever that switches between soft and turbo flame modes.
Multi-Purpose Outdoor Tool: This propane weed burner is a versatile tool that can be used for various outdoor purposes, such as weed control, snow and ice removal, roofing, camping, BBQ and more. It is a great alternative to chemical herbicides or electric weed killers. It can also save you time and money in the long run.

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