GRILLBLAZER GrillGun Basic Grill Torch & Lighter – Charcoal and Wood Starter – Professional Grilling and BBQ Handheld Blowtorch for Chefs, Men and Women Who Want to have the Best Tool for the Job

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Product Description

Grillblazer Grillblazer

GrillGun BasicGrillGun Basic


Never wait around for that flame-grilled burger again!

Lighting your outdoor charcoal grill, chimney starter, backyard fireplace, or campfire has never been so much fun, so cool, and so fast! The GrillGun lights your grill in just a matter of seconds, while being entirely portable, easy to use, with a great feel in the hand – all this while looking awesome. A favorite of culinary enthusiasts everywhere, our easy-to-use GrillGun delivers a mouthwatering flame-broiled flavor every time.

Great for outdoor use (way too much fire for the kitchen)

It’s hard to describe how fun it is to operate a GrillGun and use it to start all types of fires. It is lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use, plus it looks like a gun and sounds like a jet airplane. While using the GrillGun to light the charcoal (or wood), you will also be able to warm up the grill, burn off the residual grease, dirt or grime left on the grill after the last time you used it, all in a matter of minutes rather than the typical 30 to 50 minutes it take to bring a typical grill up to the temperature needed to cook food. The GrillGun can also be used to sear meat outside directly on the grill. Take your cooked meat from that slow cooker, sous vide pot, or oven, and place it on the grill. Then finish it off with the perfect sear, bathed inside the roar of 400,000 BTUs, of an awesome clean burning flame. Keep one in your car trunk or with your outdoor supplies, and it will be ready for you to take to picnics, to the lake, on camping trips, to the park, or to your tailgating parties!

Safer and healthier than lighter fluid

The output from the GrillGun is fully consumed propane gas, in other words, pure fire, pure heat, no hydrocarbon contamination from any petrochemicals poured onto your charcoal or emitted from your gas grill burners. This makes for the best tasting, most healthy, most beneficial hardwood charcoal grilling available.

light up your grilllight up your grill

no more waitingno more waiting

safer safer

reliable and durable

reliable and durable



multiple uses

multiple uses


The GrillBlazer handheld torch referred to as a GrillGun is a reliable, durable, 400,000+ BTU torch that is designed to light fires very fast and easily. Charcoal can be lit quickly under the intense heat of the GrillGun torch.


To light charcoal with the GrillGun: light the torch, aim it at the charcoal and bath the charcoal in the intense flame long enough for it to catch on fire. Individual charcoal pieces will light in mere seconds, so the process is to start lighting the charcoal on one end of the grill and them slowly move the torch across and through all the charcoal in the grill until it is all completely lit. You can see that charcoal is lit when it is clearly glowing red.


While the creation of the GrillGun was and is expressly to enable charcoal-grill enthusiasts to be able to enjoy the instant satisfaction of lighting and sterilizing their charcoal their grill, the tool is very clearly a powerful that can be used for other responsible purposes. Starting outdoor chimineas, fireplaces, smokers, campfires, picnic grills, freestanding stoves, outdoor incinerators, controlled pasture burns, weed burning, ice melting are all well within the multitude of uses for the GrillGun.

Bob HealeyBob Healey

Meet Bob Healey, founder of GrillBlazer

Hi there, I am Bob Healey and I’m an engineer an entrepreneur and patriotic American through and through, and a renaissance man’s man who has developed the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, the first of a long line of torches that is and will be designed specifically for lighting charcoal grills, wood stoves, outdoor fireplaces, campfires, controlled pasture burns, outdoor trash incinerators and just about anything you can think of that you need a high power fire torch to solve your problem. This is why I invented the GrillGun and the Su-VGun, and created my company, GrillBlazer. I want to change charcoal grilling, tailgating and the picnic or camping experience all across the land. With your help we’ll make it… let’s toast to our success!


(or GrillBob – Now Let’s go Grillin’)

FIRES UP YOUR GRILL IN SECONDS: Not only is our sleek GrillGun fun to use, but it’s an ultra powerful handheld blowtorch that delivers results immediately
GREAT FOR THE PROFESSIONAL CHEF: A favorite of culinary enthusiasts everywhere, our easy-to-use GrillGun is great for anyone who loves the taste and aroma of charcoal, but hates to wait for the coals to be ready
WORKS WITH PROPANE, BUTANE, AND MAPP: GrillGun uses either 1 pound propane bottles or can connect to a 20 pound propane tank with a hose (sold separately)
Turn up the heat, visit our brand store, and get your own GrillGun today!


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