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The EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) uses the most advanced EMS technology to trigger muscle contractions, EMS the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses, it not only can be utilized as a strength training tool for healthy subjects and athletes; but also could be used as a rehabilitation and preventive tool for partially or completely immobilized patients, perfect for both men and women.12 Different Modes with 1-19 Adjustable Intensity for Each ModeMode 1-3: suits for losing fat.Mode 4-5: suits for muscle exercise.Mode 6-8: suits for burning fat.Mode 9-10: suits for body sculpting.Mode 11-12: suits for muscle strengthening.Exercise Anywhere AnytimeAre you worrying about not having time to exercise and worrying about your fat-prone body? This product can help you solve all your troubles. Whether you’re a business person, a muscle lover, or a post-pregnancy mom, a muscle strain person. As long as you want to exercise and build muscle, you can use this product anytime and anywhere, you can gain better body figure after consecutive use this product about 2 months.


HAUBAT abs stimulator has fashionable designs and strong functions.

The length of the ab stimulator is 46 inches, fits 25 to a 46-inch waist. Abs stimulator is suitable for both men and women to exercise anytime, anywhere. The abs stimulator can exercise your abdomen, leg, arm, back, hip waist muscle training. If you stick to using this fitness equipment ab stimulator to exercise your body, you can lose weight and make your body more healthy and perfect.Warm Tips:Spray some water on the pads or keep your skin moist before use.If you feel slight tingling during use, it is normal when your skin is too dry. It is recommended to spray some water on the Electrode Pads before using it.Make sure the round electrode pads fully contact with the abdominal skin at the same time. Otherwise, the machine will not work properly.


FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why do you feel local tingling?S: The skin may be dry and sensitive, or there may be abnormalities such as wounds, redness and scratches on the skin surface. If there is no abnormality, it can be used after wetting the skin, or switching modes.If there is abnormality, it can be used after the skin recovers.Q: How long can it be used every day?S: It is recommended to use it 1-2 times a day for 20 minutes at a time.Please do not overuse it.Q: Is the skin red after use normal?S: It is normal for skin to be red after use, which is due to the increase of subcutaneous blood flow, which will fade after a period of time. If there are more red skin for a long time, the sensitivity may be red, so try to lower the intensity.Q: Does the product cause muscle soreness?S: Like all sports, overload exercise may cause soreness, which is normal and will disappear after a few days. On the contrary, it will not cause

ems muscle stimulator
electric abdominal muscle stimulator – Ab Toning Belt utilizes EMS technology to stimulate muscles and reduce waist size, specifically targeting the abdominal muscles and side waist flab. It sends safe and gentle electrical pulses at consistent intervals that cause the muscles to contract and relax, resulting in significant and genuine results.
tactical abs stimulator for men woman – ab stimulator belt is a useful tool for both men and women who want to improve their sub-health and body shape. It provides an easy and convenient way to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles, making it a popular and effective choice. When combined with a proper diet and regular exercise, this abdominal trainer can assist in achieving your fitness goals.
ultimate abs stimulator – EMS abs belt is safe and convenient to use, Abs stimulator has 12 workout modes and 19 levels of intensity. You won’t have to worry about going to the gym, sweating excessively, taking medication, or undergoing regular home training. You can wear it at any time for toning without any hassle.
ab stimulator muscle toner – Abs stimulator adopts skin-friendly material silicone pads, safe and comfortable,Abs workout equipment allows you to lose fat and work out your muscles in a comfortable way at home, allowing you to choose the mode and level that best suits your needs and preferences.
Warm tips – Spray some water on the pad or keep your skin moist before use.If you feel a slight tingling sensation during use, it is because your skin is too dry and this is normal. We recommend spraying some water on the electrode pad before use.Make sure that the round electrode pads are in full contact with the abdominal skin at the same time. Otherwise, the machine will not work properly.


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