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IMPRESA [2-Pack] Drill Dust Collector for Projects with Power Drills – Traps Dust & Debris Caused by Cordless Drill – Pocket-Sized Drill Bit Set Accessory – No Extractor Vacuum Necessary

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Keep Your Drill Environment Cleaner and Safer

Every time you use that corded drill, dust and particles are released into the air, making a mess as they land on the floor.

Our drill dust collector helps catch the dust and particles, so you don’t have to worry about inhaling them.

This helps to keep the area around where you use your drill set clean, without the need of a shop vac.

Whether you’re drilling into drywall, concrete, wood, or metal, this drill and nail dust collector makes the job easier and safer.

This portable set of 2 allows you to leave one at home and bring the other to your workshop or construction site.

These dust collectors for woodworking are compatible with virtually any brand of drill.

The wide opening of these drywall tools fits drills up to 0.5 inches in diameter, the largest size of most drill bit sets.

These portable woodworking tools are excellent at catching debris that’s blown around when drilling holes.

The ergonomic design and side grips allow you to place it on any surface, making it easy to use.

When you’re done with your project, simply empty the dust tray.

Keep your drill area clean and your workspace organized.

This drill dust collector is a must-have for anyone who does any kind of drilling and wants to keep their space clean.
Portable Dust Collection Design – This handy tool is built to capture the dust caused by using power tools. The side grips help you hold it flat against the wall to catch debris blown in different directions. Drilling holes for your wall art or new switch plate just became less messy
Collect Debris On Any Surface – This drill dust cover is a fast, easy way to trap dust when drilling. The design of the collector even helps to catch debris that’s blown sideways. Whether drilling into drywall, concrete, wood, or metal, this innovative tool will help you contain the mess
Comprehensive Drill Bit Compatibility – This power tool accessory’s wide opening is compatible with drill bits up to 0.5″ in diameter. This dust collector will work with almost any drill you own. It acts as a drill dust cup and helps to keep your workspace clean
Safer Work Environment – Our dust collecting tool helps reduce airborne particles created when using an impact drill. This will solve your drill dust problem at home, your workshop, or on the construction site. Start breathing easier during your projects


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