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Polaroid I-2 Instant Camera Bundle with Color i-Type Film Double Pack (16 Photos) – Full Manual Control, app Enabled Analog Instant Camera with Polaroid’s sharpest 3-Element Lens (6444)

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Perfection. It’s flawed. And there are those who see right through it. Who embrace the random, the chaos, the uneven. Who know that it’s not about one million photos, but ones that really matter. Who appreciate the tactile pursuit of craft. They are the Imperfectionists, and the Polaroid I-2 instant camera is made for them. Introducing the Polaroid I-2. Designed for craft, it’s the first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls. Pair it with the sharpest-ever Polaroid lens and the unique chemistry of Polaroid film, and you have an instant craft tool made for the Imperfectionists.
Unique Chemistry: The I-2 shoots with next-level clarity and detail on Polaroid’s iconic square frame film, meaning you can do things with Polaroid’s unique film chemistry that you’ve never done before.
The Manual Controls: The Polaroid I-2 has built-in manual controls, which can be monitored through the integrated Viewfinder and the LCM display as well as controlled via Bluetooth from your smart device with the Polaroid App. While cheap instant cameras have very limited capabilities, with the Polaroid I-2 you have way more control over the end results.
The I-2 Camera Modes: Included camera modes; auto, aperture, manual, self-timer, multi exposure. Full control of camera features such as distance to the object , shutter speed value, flash, light meter and aperture (up to f/8) for a beautiful ‘Bokeh’ effect.
The Lens: The Polaroid I-2 instant camera is our first autofocus 3-lens system. It’s our sharpest-ever lens which combined with the Lidar system the I-2 can perfectly detect your object’s distance adjusting the lens to it. So it has an amazing focal distance, enabling you to take sharp and bright pictures with a beautiful “Bokeh effect”.


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