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SubZERO Gaming TYKA Extended Mammoth Soft Gaming Mouse Pad, Long XXL, Stitched Edges, 36″x18″ (Black)

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Price: $29.97
(as of Nov 14,2023 00:33:33 UTC – Details)

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Product Description

SubZERO Gaming HeaderSubZERO Gaming Header

No More Mouse Lifting - Module 1No More Mouse Lifting - Module 1

Precise & Smooth - Module 2Precise & Smooth - Module 2

Non-Slip Rubber Base - Module 3Non-Slip Rubber Base - Module 3

Durable Stitched Frame - Module 4Durable Stitched Frame - Module 4

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Fits Keyboard & Mouse

36 in 18 in 36 in

18 in 16 in 12 in

0.12 in 0.12 in 0.12 in

Surface Material
Microweave Cloth Microweave Cloth Microweave Cloth

Accuracy and Precision: Competition-grade gaming mat performs at all DPI settings with pixel-precise mouse control
Smooth Cloth Surface: Microweave texture facilitates low-resistance glide and long periods of comfortable gaming
Non-Slip Rubber Base: Heavy-grip backing secures mousepad to desk providing for a foundation of consistent gameplay
Durable Stitched Frame: Anti-fraying perimeter seams eliminate rough edges and protect against surface peeling

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