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Vlogging Camera 4K 48MP Digital Camera Autofocus Cameras for Photography with 18X Digital Zoom Point and Shoot Camera with 64GB TF Card 4K Digital Camera 2 Batteries and Charger

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Product Description

digital cameradigital camera

The pros of this video camera? It has two cameras, a front, and a back camera which is the unique design in the market so far.One button to switch cameras making taking selfie pictures easier.It uses real autofocus technology. You don’t need to half-press the button. You can still take clear pictures even at a very close range.This is a compact and lightweight small digital camera that can be slipped into a pocket or handbag.It uses a wide-angle lens, you don’t need to add a heavy separate wide-angle lens. It’s not only a camera that can record video, and take pictures, but also can use as a webcam to live streaming by connecting the vlogging camera to the computer. It has a flash light function, so you can take pictures even at night. Built-in microphone, record not only your smile but also your laughter. With wifi function, you can easily transfer videos or pictures to your phone. enables you to share your moments instantly without any delay. More functions, such as anti-shake, face detection, burst mode, and timer.

digital camerasdigital cameras

The truth: Digital zoom enlarges the image electronically by cropping and enlarging the central part of the photograph. This camera with 18X digital zoom, so once you zoom in, it may look grainy. If you need a camera that can take pictures clear after you zoom in, you may need an optical zoom camera.

vlogging cameravlogging camera

Specification: Photo Resolution: 48M Video Resolution: 4K / 2.7K / 1080P / 720P Take Photo Mode: Burst, Timer Battery Working Time: About 2.5 hours File Format: image format (JPEG), video format(MP4) Display Screen: 3.0” super HD screen Digital Zoom: 18X Zoom WI-FI Function: Support Flash Light: Support Built-in Speaker/Microphone: Yes

cameras for photographycameras for photography

point and shoot camerapoint and shoot camera

The truth:The camera is lightweight: This camera for photography is made of ABS plastic. And the pros of ABS plastic: very sturdy, and with a longer lifespan. If you think the camera is lightweight means cheaply made, then this one may not meet your needs.



Questions you may have when you use the camera:

Q: couldn’t turn on the camera or couldn’t charge.A: Check the battery, and make sure the battery is in the right direction.

Q: The color is flat and gray.A: Switch the filter, and make sure it’s in the normal mode.

Q: Couldn’t use the Wifi, the wifi couldn’t connect to the internetA: The wifi function is just for the APP connect to the camera.

Q: Is this a touchscreen digital camera?A: Sorry, it’s not a touch screen.

Dual Cameras: This cameras for photography offers the convenience of both front and back camera options for photography. Seamlessly switch between the front and back cameras at any time, just like using your phone. Please note that while the front camera delivers excellent results, it does not feature the auto-focus function.
Stay Connected with Wifi and Webcam: Our digital camera for teens comes equipped with convenient wifi and webcam capabilities. Effortlessly transfer photos and videos to your phone, and explore the world of live streaming on your computer.
The built-in Tic-Tac-Toe grid setting serves as your artistic guide, empowering you to elevate the composition of your pictures like never before. Capture stunning images with enhanced balance, symmetry, and visual appeal. Unleash your creativity and let our 4k digital camera be your ultimate tool for perfecting composition in every shot.
Enhance Your Photography with 7 Camera Filters and Flashlight: Each filter adds a unique touch to your images, allowing you to unleash your creativity and capture stunning visuals. Whether it’s adding warmth, vibrance, or artistic flair, our camera filters are your key to personalized and expressive pictures. Additionally, the integrated flashlight ensures you never miss a shot, illuminating your subjects perfectly in low-light conditions.
Experience Endless Shooting: Our vlogging camera for youtube boasts an impressively long battery life, allowing you to capture countless memories without worry. With this extended battery capacity, you can confidently take it on extended trips, events, and adventures without the need for constant recharging.

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