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Welding Torch for Propane Cylinder With Type 1 Valve OPD Valve, Propane Torch with 78.7 inch Hose, Soldering Torch with Electric Ignition Button for Brazing Plumber Melt Heating

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Price: $34.97
(as of Sep 15,2023 09:18:11 UTC – Details)

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Stable & Durable Stainless Steel Welding Head: The welding head is made of quality stainless steel material which has the characteristics of higher melting point and better high temperature durability compared to brass, so it is more reliable and safe to use.
Adjustable Flame to Meet Various Needs: There is a compressed gas valve near the handle of the welding torch, by which you can adjust the flame, while the torch head is designed with an electronic ignition button, meeting different application needs.
Welding Torch for Propane Cylinder: This torch produces flame fueled by 20 lb propane, suitable for propane cylinder with type 1 valve or OPD valve. The 78.7-inch long hose is for maximum accessibility and mobility, and the instant switch for easy operation.
Not Only for Welding: In addition to welding, this welding torch can also be widely used in high temperature heating, charcoal burning, cooking, pig hair burning, etc. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our technical team and after-sales team are always behind you.

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