Gadget Pedia’s content takes the consumer through the entirety of their journey: from the basics, to how it works, to buying the product, and onward towards owning it and making it last.
Once the content is planned and assigned out to be written, our staff of expert writers approach reviews with a two prong approach: through exhaustive research and actual hands-on time with the product (or service) in question (when so allowed). There’s an enormous amount of products on the market today, so it’s not possible for our team to test everything. If we can’t test a product, our writers spend hours citing reliable sources across the web and compiling relevant information into our own review to save readers time searching. And by “hands-on time”, that means products are either loaned to us or we purchase the product or service using our own money. In either instance, we’re committed to evaluating goods and services in real world terms.

These four concepts inform our product methodology:

  • Is it quality?
  • Does it do everything I want it to do?
  • Will it last?
  • Is it good value?

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It is our job to use these concepts and provide foundational knowledge–something meaningful that a consumer can take with them to make informed decisions.

No matter the kind of content we produce and provide, it must be easy to understand and it must not obscure anything. Anything that we produce, from simple text to a three-minute video, must help make everything about the topic it covers easier to understand. The world of tech is often complex, and it’s our job to make it easier for a consumer to not only grasp everything about a topic but internalize it. If a brand makes information difficult to know or find, it is our job to make it easy. We live and breathe our “consumer first” stance. Our content cuts through the obfuscation, and delivers everything to the user under no uncertain terms.

We want our reviews to provide the best experience for you, our readers, so you can make an informed purchase decision without having to spend hours of your valuable time navigating the jungle we call the Internet.

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