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7.6″ Handmade Hand Crafted Hammered Manual Brass Coffee Mill Grinder Sozen, Portable Stainless Steel Conical Burr Coffee Mill, Portable Hand Crank Turkish Coffee Grinder

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Product Description

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9' handcrafted grinder9' handcrafted grinder

Grind Your Coffee, On Your Terms, The Right Way.

Our mission is to share the vast and historic culture of the Ottoman Empire by providing you with genuine products that are well made. Our handcrafted products open your perspective to serve as reminders of what authenticity, diversity and true craftsmanship has to offer.

This handmade manual coffee grinder from Istanbul, Turkey is designed from brass with steel burrs for an adjustable hand crank operation. Our handcrafted, elegant and sturdy manual coffee bean grinder allows you to grind ultra fine Turkish coffee with the finest brass and a gold color finish. This grinder is adjustable to enable the full range of coffee bean grinding from the coarsest grind used for French press to the finest powdery grind required for Turkish Coffee and espresso, and everything in between. With a detachable handle that is also used for adjusting the grind, this portable grinder is easy to assemble, and easy to adjust to finetune for your desired grind of coffee.

7' grinder7' grinder

Your Operation.

Made for you.

Proudly Made in Turkey

sozen coffee grinderssozen coffee grinders

Provided by Ottoman Inspirations

Ottoman Inspirations is proud to be the exclusive representative for North America for these fine grinders which are made by the Sozen Family in Istanbul, Turkey, the heartbeat of the former Ottoman Empire.

Top-Tier Creation

Quality craftmanship engineered to the highest standards. Elegant, sturdy, and superbly efficient with steel conical burrs.

Made with Love

What makes the world go round? Every package comes with our favorite part of the creation process to ensure our products are in the highest quality condition by the time they reach you.

Versatile Grinding Capabilities

100% handmadeadjustable grind settings for ultra fine Turkish coffeesolid steel conical burrsno inferior plastic or ceramic burrslead-freebuilt to last

Our manual coffee mill’s manual grounding mechanism is designed to maximize the flavor and aroma in your cup of coffee.
The set up is simple and the product is very easy to use. Simply rotate the outer knob and yield an incredibly aromatic bean blend for your coffee.
You have the advantage to use this portable grinder anywhere. Due to its optimal size and weight, you can enjoy your own grounded coffee anywhere you like.
Material: Brass (durable) Dimensions: 7.6″ x 1.8″ (in)


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