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HJKB Full Face Snorkel Mask with Anti-Fog Wipes, 180 Degree Panoramic HD View Snorkeling Mask, Anti-Leak Dry Top Set for Adults and Kids

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Product Description

full face snorkel maskfull face snorkel mask

snorkel mask for adultssnorkel mask for adults

HJKB K3 Full Face Snorkel Mask

We use unidirectional (outer) circulation breathing separation, separate the exhalation and inhalation mechanically. Inspiration enters through the dual breathing tube. The carbon dioxide exhaled as well as residual oxygen not inhaled into the body that discharges from the outside of the mask respectively to prevent carbon dioxide from entering the body to cause life-threatening and other accidents.


1.Prevent carbon dioxide accumulation inside the mask to improve the safety of snorkeling.

2.Get rid of chest tightness and suffocation:HJKB K3 Full Face Snorkel Mask has two snorkels, absorbs oxygen faster.

3.Solve the mask leakage problem. Because the inlet and outlet are separate,so even if you spit out carbon dioxide underwater, it does not let the inlet buoy loose to leak.

snorkeling gear for adults

snorkeling gear for adults

full face snorkel mask adult

full face snorkel mask adult

snorkel mask full face

snorkel mask full face

Correct use :

The Full Face Snorkel Mask is designed for recreational snorkeling. It is for surface snorkeling only and is not intended to replace any professional snorkeling kit or dive equipment. When snorkeling, be sure to take regular breaks and follow the buddy rule: never snorkel alone. Before you go snorkeling, try it out in the pool to make sure it’s completely sealed and fits your face.

How wear ?

Lift your hair back to avoid hair entering the inside of the breathing tube mask and causing a gap between the mask and the face connection; put your chin into the inside bottom of the mask and press the bottom connection with your hand to check if there is a gap. After checking there is no problem it can be used normally. If you find that the mask does not fit your face well enough, you can adjust the tightness of the mask to your face by adjusting the expansion band.

Note: Please put the mask into the mesh bag after use to prevent the mask from being scratched on the beach and affecting the subsequent use.

How use ?

Before use, you can wipe the inside of the mask with the anti-fog wipes included in your snorkeling bag, which will improve the mask’s anti-fog ability.

For surface snorkeling only (less than 3 meters/10 feet).

Do not wear this product for scuba diving, deep diving, or free diving.

Hair or whiskers create micro spaces that allow water to seep in.

snorkel mask

snorkel mask

full face snorkel mask

full face snorkel mask

full face snorkel mask

full face snorkel mask

180° Panoramic Experience View

HJKB K3 snorkel mask has a 180-degree field of view, a wide field of view for more freedom in the sea, and a curved mirror design for better visibility for the user.

Action Camera Mount

The detachable action camera mount maintains high definition for a long time, and with the use of the camera mount, you can enjoy the underwater world.

Anti-Leak & Anti-Fog

K3 full face snorkel mask is innovatively designed with separate breathing chambers to ensure maximum fresh air circulation and reduce fogging. The perfect fit and seal of the silicone makes the mask waterproof and can be removed through a leaky valve even if water accidentally enters the mask.

full face snorkel maskfull face snorkel mask




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