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L LIMINK S20 15.4″ Triple Portable Monitor for 15.6-18.5″ Laptops | 1080P IPS HDR Dual Freestanding Narrow-Bezel Laptop Screen Extender | Compatible with MacOS & Windows | Powered by USB-C & HDMI

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Product Description


triple portable monitor for laptoptriple portable monitor for laptop


We are living in fast-paced era, efficiency has become a dominant element of work. However, highly engaging entertainment has become a luxury thing in people’s leisure time. LIMINK was born against this background and make upgrades for an S20 Portable Triple Monitor.

It is widely used in the business, academic, financial, family, and other fields.

In business, it is the magic bullet for your successful collaboration, helping you to conduct meetings with several people efficiently.In academic, it helps you present various types of dissertation materials and allows you to stand out in group performances.In finance, it displays two additional data tables and trend charts that help you perform accurate analysis and add more value.At home, it can be used as a split screen with multiple themes to create a harmonious and warm family environment.

Just like LIMINK’s brand positioning, the S20 Portable Triple Monitor was born in the electronics industry, but it is not limited to the application of the product.

It is created by limink but designed for all of YOU who want an upgraded workstation.



portable monitor for travelportable monitor for travel


Following the concept of *SPLIT*, we combine multiple screens with the features of being Detachable & Portable to achieve the ideal state of multi-screens displaying.

It is a new tool designed to BOOST the productivity of your work and RELIEVE your life.



triple portable monitor for laptoptriple portable monitor for laptop


We care about consumers and are committed to covering the needs of large-size owners by developing the S20 laptop monitor extender to fit laptops from 15.6 to 18.5 inches.

SCREEN: It is an evolution from the first-generation 12-inch to a wider screen with a narrow bezel, maximizing “Portability” and “Narrow Bezel”.

FRAME: To make the screen look Wider and Larger, we narrowed the chin of the monitor with the upgrade. It is now sleeker and more stylish.

KICKSTAND: By extending the length of the kick, it makes a base of Flexible Stretch and allows the item to be more stable.

If you get troubles using, find product defects or give us some suggest, don’t be hesitate to let us know them! LIMINK Team will follow up with you!


laptop extended monitor portable

laptop extended monitor portable

triple screen laptop monitor

triple screen laptop monitor

triple screen portable laptop workstation

triple screen portable laptop workstation

laptop monitor extender for triple monitor display

laptop monitor extender for triple monitor display

Clear & Wider

Say goodbye to any concerns about unclear visuals – this display has you covered. Experience clear visuals with the 1920 x 1080 resolution, providing a sharp and vibrant display. Ensuring an optimal visual experience even in crowd viewing.

Colorful Display

Adhering to the international color gamut standard (72% NTSC or 100% sRGB), the S20 meticulously reproduces the images colors to the fullest. Engage HDR mode to elevate color richness, delivering a visual experience that truly captivates.

Foldable Angle

With left screen that folds back 235° and right screen that folds to 180°. S20 adapts to various scenarios effortlessly, expecially for face-to-face meetings and group work. This versatile setup design enhances your experience across diverse settings.

Brighter Screen

The 300nits brightness is better than the initial model. Menu buttons allow you to customize your multiple needs for display. (Note: To avoid an insufficient power supply, please connect an external power first before you connect it to a phone.)


laptop triple monitorlaptop triple monitor


portable monitor for laptopportable monitor for laptop

Identify Ports Group On Your Laptop

#1. Two full-functional USB-C ports which support power & video provided simultaneously.

#2. One full-functional USB-C, 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB-A ports.

#3. NO USB-C and HDMI, has 3 x USB-A ports. (need USB 3.0 to 2 HDMI dual display ouputs adapter.)

#4. NO USB-C and HDMI, has 2 x USB-A ports. (need a USB 3.0 to 2 HDMI dual display outputs adapter, and an extra power source.)

NOTE: Both #3 and #4 models need to buy an extra adapter.

laptop screen extenderlaptop screen extender

Identify Which USB-C Ports Are Full-Functional One

YES: With “thunderbolt” logo.

YES: With bold “D” logo.

YES: With bold “D” and “SS+Trident” logo.

NO: With charging logo.

NO: With sigle Trident or “SS+Trident” logos.

double screen for laptop portabledouble screen for laptop portable

Identify Which Processor On Your Laptop

YES: MacBook series with M1 Pro, M1 Max, M2 Pro, M2 Max chips.

YES: Windows laptops with Intel Core, AMD processors.

NO: MacBook series with M1 and M2 chips; Microsoft Surface series with ARM processors.

FAQ: Why aren’t they incompatible with S20?

>> The integrated board of theirs only supports one extended display.

laptop triple monitorlaptop triple monitor

Identify Which Type of Docking Station You Need

#1. You have full-functional USB-C ports but want sufficient ports to plug in other devices. Then choose the dock like the top one. (dock should support dual displays.)

#2. You have sufficient USB-A ports but lack a 1*HDMI port. >> Choose the dock like the middle one. (should make sure your LT support dual output displays.)

#3. You have sufficient USB-A ports but no HDMI ports. >> Choose the dock like the button one. (it may cost high because of the chip in the dock.)

NOTE: The above are recommendations based on different needs, and LIMINK does not provide an adapter. Or if you still get any questions about them, please feel free to tell us.

portable monitor for laptopportable monitor for laptop


laptop screen extenderlaptop screen extender


double screen for laptop portabledouble screen for laptop portable


laptop triple monitorlaptop triple monitor



triple portable monitor for laptoptriple portable monitor for laptop

Tips To USE The Accessories

Fabric Case: It has an outer layer of water resistent fabric and built in shock-resistant sponge. Its purpose is to protect the product’s screen and to store your laptop and other accessories when you need to take the S20 out.

Cable Groups: Since the dual monitor operates independently of a single monitor, we have prepared three types of available cable choices for the ports of the most popular LT models. You only need to use what you need to connect, and the rest is redundant and at your disposal.

Power Adapter: If your laptop does not have an adequate power supply port, or if the voltage of the power supply is low, you can use the adapter to connect a DC power supply.

Cable Tie: This is a tool that you can use to tie the cables together after connecting them to your device. If you suffer from cable clutter, do not forget this small object.

Please don’t hesitate to TELL us whenver you have problems about the S20 Laptop Triple Monitor. We will respond to you ASAP possible within 24 hours.

# 1. Click L-LIMINK to start the conversation.

# 2. Seek help from the brand support Email.

# 3. Talk to us via Facebook LIMINKTech.


📈EXPAND FROM ONE TO THREE>> The S20 triple monitor’s mission is to expand the displays. It eliminates the traditional multi-screen desktop workstation and enables mobile work through easy connection and setup – no driver is required so to Plug & Play. It can carry multiple pages on a single product, solving the hassle of tedious multi-tab page switching, thus enhancing work efficiency. In the past, the monitor display was just SINGLE; now, it can be realized to TRIPLE.
💼USE IT WHENEVER & WHEREVER>> S20 is available to use at anytime, anywhere, in application scenarios. Being a triple extended screen means it is not limited by time and place, allowing you to start your work at any time. No matter where you need to work – office, cafe, travel, home, it can be easily handled. Not controlled by the role of an electronics product, it can be an efficient producer or a new tool to enhance happiness.
✅YOU CARE ABOUT COMPABILITY>> S20 is a dual-screen monitor widely compatible with Windows and MacOS processors from 15.6 to 18.5 inches. But you need to check before purchase: #LTs carry Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9, AMD, M1 Pro/Max, M2 Pro/Max processors. #ports group sufficient to connect two monitors simultaneously [options: #full-featured USB-C(Thunderbolt 3/4); #USB-A plus HDMI]; #LT dimensions are in range (L:13.5-18.1 in, H>9.4 in; D<0.32 in). NOTE: M1, M2, and ARM are NOT compatible with S20!
💪WHAT LIMINK PROVIDES?>> We are committed to providing high-quality products and service to every customer. We offer 6 months of a non-reason return policy for product quality issues, to dispel your doubts about consumer rights. If you have any questions on compatibility and connection or need our advice on adapters, please provide your LT’s detailed model to us. You know that LIMINK Team is always here for you all!


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