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Outdoor Projector, Artlii Rubicon 4K Projector, Auto Focus & Keystone, Dolby Audio, Anti-Direct Eye Protection, 2x10W Speakers with Bass Effect, 5G WiFi/Bluetooth/USB/HDMI

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Product Description

Rubicon——Artlii Revolutionary Outdoor Projector

The first ever projector that has its own feet

Innovations of Rubicon

Auto Keystone Correction

It just need to be put down to get square screen! Faster and smoother~

Whether on the grass, coffee table, or bedside, no matter how you put it, it’s a ideal experience

Even if you accidentally touch it, Rubicon will immediately adjust the screen for you

If you feel that the screen is not as square as you would like, you can also tap the Rubicon to make it readjust keystone for you!

Auto Focus

Experience a clear screen instantly with auto focus!

The projector automatically adjusts the focus according to the distance, This innovative feature will bring you a better experience. Autofocus feature provides instant clarity for movies or other content you love without having to struggle with manual settings

Revolutionary Dual Mode Indoor and Outdoor

Maybe you’re worried that a high brightness outdoor projector can’t be used indoors because of its unbearable noise?

Simply press the indoor mode button and you’ll be able to enjoy a low-noise viewing environment in no time!

Maybe you always feel that ordinary home projectors can’t meet your outdoor viewing needs?

The high brightness outdoor mode will give you a brand new experience!

Protect your eyes from direct glare

When the angle between the projector and the horizontal plane is greater than 70°, the light source will automatically go out to avoid hurting your eyes.

In the meantime, the audio content of the source will continue to play, so make sure to pause playback when necessary.Rubicon Will Automatic Shutdown after 15 Minutes in The Protection Angles

Dolby Audio Unbelievable!Dolby Audio Supported!

Fully supports Dolby Digital plus、Dolby Digital、Dolby AC3

The ultimate audio-visual experience for Your Movie Night!

dolby audio Get Started with Real 5G WiFi Projector!

Supports 5G/2.4G dual-band WiFi which is more than 3 times faster than other projectors which only supports 2.4G single-band WiFi.

wifi bluetooth Bluetooth Connections

Take the hassle out of linking!

5.0 Bluetooth, you experience silky smooth connection!

The ideal choice for your family movie night! specifications Native 1080P Supporte 4K

Ideal For Both Indoor and Outdoor utilisations

zoom Upgraded Digital Zooms

Supports remote control to reduce image to 60%,no more space constraints, no need to change distance

224" Extra-large screen

At a projection distance of 21 feet, you can enjoy a maximum projection screen of 225″!

Tap to learn more outdoor projector dobly wifi bluetoothoutdoor projector dobly wifi bluetooth





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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

4.2 out of 5 stars

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Native Resolution

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1080

1280 x 720

Support Resolution

Support 4k

Support 4k

Support 4k

1920 x 1080

Smart System

Auto Fucos

Auto Keystone

Is Rubicon can be used as a speaker alone?

No, 5.0 Bluetooth is one-way, only can link Bluetooth playback devices

Is Rubicon waterproof?

Not waterproof, so please bring the Rubicon back indoors when the weather changes

Do I need to install it?

You will need to install the dock the first time you use it, which is easy

Does Rubicon come with a battery?

To ensure your experience, Rubicon does not include batteries and you will need to connect it to a reliable power source, such as a power station

What is the brightness of the outdoor mode

450 ASIN for the outdoor mode

Free Your Hands & Easy Operation – The Artlii Rubicon projector adopts the latest electronic auto-focus and keystone correction technology, which can quickly focus according to the appropriate distance and angle. The built-in sensor detects the movement of the machine in real time and can adjust the image immediately, so that the image is always clear and square, reducing your trouble of manual adjustment and improving your viewing experience.
Equipped with Stand & Improve Movie Viewing Experience – The outdoor projector is equipped with a stable round base, avoiding the trouble of multiple manual adjustments due to the instability of the projector. In addition, with a 200°rotatable button, you can adjust to your desired projection angle at any time according to your needs, effectively improving your viewing experience.
2 x 10W Dolby Speakers & Excellent Sound Quality Experience – The movie projector is equipped with 2*10W high-power speakers, which is especially suitable for multi-person parties and outdoor use. And with Dolby certification, not only can decode a variety of different sounds, but also the bass effect has been enhanced, so that you can have an immersive feeling when watching different movies.
Longer Service Life & Lifetime Technical Support – The life of a projector is determined by the light source and screen; we use a high-quality LED panel and an advanced screen protection system: when the main unit overheats, it is usually due to a clogged dust filter, at which point the machine will alert you to clean it and force a shutdown. Artlii offers 1 year warranty and lifetime professional technical support, and it will take care of your Rubicon to let it accompagn with you longer!


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