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VYSER Projector, 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector, 12000Lux Native 1080P Portable Outdoor Movie Projector, Keystone Correction and Zoom, 350ANSI Support 4K, Compatible with HDMI/USB/Laptop/Fire Stick/PS5

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Product Description

VYSER ProjectorVYSER Projector

Native 1080P Full HD projector with 2.4G and 5G WLAN and Bluetooth

Native 1920 x 1080

The best value for money Native 1080P 2.4G & 5G WLAN & Bluetooth projector. (4K support)

True Lumen Brightness

Unlike most other projectors, ours is 12,000 Lux bright.

Fast Wireless Connectivity

Quickly mirror directly from iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac without additional adapters.

Bluetooth 5.1 Connectivity

Easily connect to Bluetooth audio devices and enjoy a different sound experience with Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth audio.

75% Zoom Function

Reduce the projection screen to 75% of its original size without moving the projector.

Item details:

Dimensions: 22 x 20 x 10 cm. Weight: 1.3 kg.


5.1 Bluetooth connectivity for immersive listening pleasure!

The Bluetooth projector is compatible with Bluetooth speakers/headphones/headsets/stereos/amplifiers. This home theater projector produces amazing sound quality in both indoor and outdoor scenes, providing you with more entertainment possibilities.

*Please note that this projector only supports connection with Bluetooth speakers/headphones/sound bars, but not with cell phones or other smartphones via Bluetooth. The projector can only transmit Bluetooth signals, but cannot receive Bluetooth signals from cell phones (cannot be used as a Bluetooth speaker).

5G/2.4G dual-band WiFi, say goodbye to latency (see steps in the picture)

Our WiFi projector adopts advanced 5G+2.4G dual WiFi chip, the transmission speed is 3 times faster than the 2.4G WiFi projector on the market, which can effectively avoid signal interference, ensure signal stability, and online HD video playback is more smooth. wifi projector supports Android, iOS, and Windows system on the same screen, watching movies, viewing photos, taking classes online, playing games, and working at home. Office, small screen becomes big screen in a second, enjoy unlimited fun.


Zoom Function Projector

Reduced Fan Noise

Our projector features improved fan quality and an improved cooling system, making this home theatre video projector quieter compared to other models and perfect for home theatre use. Do not block the vents as this may damage the cooling system and screen.

300-inch large screen experience

With projection sizes from 50 to 300 inches and projection distances from 1.5 to 6.5 metres, this video projector delivers incredibly vivid and bright images for an amazing home entertainment experience on the big screen.

The optimal projection distance is approximately 3-4 metres for clear and sharp images.

6-Layer Glass Lens

Equipped with a 6-layer coated, high-transmission glass lens that reduces light reflection and increases light transmission, it is more thermally stable and efficient than ordinary resin lenses. As a result, the projector lamp can work for up to 100,000 hours.

– Packing List

Projector 1, Power cord x 1, Remote control x 1 (batteries not included), HDMI cable x 1, 3-in-1 AV cable x 1, User manual x 1, Adjustment screws x 1

outdoor projectoroutdoor projector

Wide Range of Application Scenarios for Wireless Projector

This bluetooth projector wireless comes with a portable installation design. which means that install the projector based on your preference. You can place the projector in a projector stand that sits on a table, on a tripod, or even attached to the wall or ceiling. (The ceiling mount port of this projector is 6.0mm, so you need the hanging bracket to be compatible with the 6.0 mm screw.)


Flexible Stand Methods and Big Projection Size

These projectors as well are compact enough to easily fit in a bag and have more ways to stand up anywhere you want to set up. Pair this with projection sizes in the 50-300 inch range to create this unique projector.


Warm tips

1. The projector can be mounted on the ceiling. There are 4 ceiling mounting holes at the bottom (mounting screw size M6: not included). 2.

2. Best results are achieved in relatively dark environments. 3.

3. Note that the keystone correction is ±15° from vertical. If the projected image is half blurred, adjust the height of the lens.

4. Dolby Atmos is not supported. If there is no sound when playing a video such as Netflix, turn off Dolby sound on the connected device or application.

(Settings > Display & Sound > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > Turn off Dolby Digital Plus 5.1).

5. If you want to watch Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, we recommend that you purchase a Firestick/Chromecast, which may not play on your smartphone when connected to the projector due to copyright reasons.

6. Adjustable Feet: You can freely adjust the height of the projector, just gently turn the screw cap to get the right viewing angle.

GuideLine for Screen Mirroring

Vyser projectorVyser projector

Direct one-step mirroring and ultra-fast 5G WLAN make everything easier!

One-Step Direct Mirroring:

Camping outdoors without WiFi and want to share moments with friends and family using a video projector? Our projector can help! It features one-step direct mirroring so you can enjoy your outdoor movie night without WiFi. Watching on the big screen is no longer limited to indoors.

What is one-step direct mirroring? — Simply put, it’s a simplified, innovative connection for connecting your phone to a projector. It’s easier and faster than a traditional Wi-Fi connection. The projector does not need to be connected to WiFi to wirelessly connect and mirror your phone!

How does one-step direct mirroring work? (Please see the steps in the picture)

(1) The projector calls the One Step Direct Mirroring interface (the projector does not need to be connected to WiFi).

(2) Turn on WiFi on your phone (no need to connect to a WiFi router).

(3) Launch the mirroring function on your phone and then find the projector device you want to connect.

2.4G + 5G WiFi Wireless Screen Mirroring (see steps in the figure)

Select Miracast as the input source of the projector; Select “WiFi Connection” to enter the network connection of the projector and connect to your home WiFi; Connect your device to the same home WiFi; Open the Control Center, click on your G, and on your G, the device on the screen mirroring, select “CLcast-XXXX” and connect.

🔥[Bluetooth 5.1 Projector with HIFI Power Speakers] Portable projector provides transform your home theater setup with the VYSER Bluetooth 5.1. Immerse yourself in extraordinary soundscapes using your favorite Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Without having to worry about cables getting tangled or tripping over. Elevate your entertainment experience with immersive audio during movies and dynamic party vibes. (Note: Projector connects to Bluetooth speakers, not smartphones/tablets.
🔥[5G/2.4G WiFi Support & Native 1080P Full HD Projector] Unleash your multimedia potential with VYSER’s native 1080p projector, now featuring WiFi smartphone screen mirroring. Effortlessly connect your iOS/Android device and enjoy synchronized video playback on the big screen. Elevate movie nights and gaming sessions with this immersive experience.
🔥[Multiple Connection Options] Discover unmatched versatility with the VYSER 1080p video projector. Equipped with HDMI, USB, AV, 3.5mm audio, and Bluetooth connectivity, it links seamlessly with laptops, TV sticks, USB drives, phones, tablets, DVD players, and gaming consoles like PS5. Your entertainment possibilities are limitless.
🔥[Lifetime Customer Service Support] Upgrade to a larger projection space and an immersive viewing adventure with the VYSER High-Definition Home Theater Projector. Enjoy stunning visuals and videos, backed by lifetime customer service and technical support. Your projector experience will always be exceptional. Your cinematic journey starts here


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